015 Apple Butter Round
Butter biscuits topped with apple jam, sprinkled with flaked almonds and lightly flavoured with cinnamon.


016 Fruit Almond
Shortpastry topped with jam of wild berries, sprinkled with flaked almonds and lightly flavourd with icing sugar.


025 Apricot Butter Biscuit
Fine Butter shortbread halves, filled with apricot jam and decorated with icing sugar.



050 PeacockĀ“s Eye
Butter biscuite halves filled with raspberry / redcurrant and apricot jam and dusted with icing sugar.


060 Ox-Eye Butter Biscuit
Butter biscuits topped with a macaroon ring and filled with fruit jam.


064 Fruit Crumble
Shortpastry with different jams and crumble topping.


080 Butter-Biscuit Slice
Classic hand-made butter biscuits, rolled in sugar, sliced and baked.


090 Marble Butter Round
Butter biscuit mixture flavoured with cocoa.


100 Butter Almond
Butter biscuit topped with a fine mixture of sweet flaked almonds.


150 Butter Crumble
Butter biscuits topped with butter crumble, baked to a golden brown.


170 Vanilla Butter Crescent
Crumbly butter biscuit with a high almond content, rolled in sugar with real vanilla.


191 Lemon Thin
Lemon dough with natural lemon flavouring,
sprinkled with sugar.


197 Fruit Heart
Biscuit filled with fruit jam.


401 Flower yellow
Butter biscuit filled with apricot jam.


402 Flower red
Butter biscuit filled with fruit of the forest jam.


484 Black and White Biscuits
Classical Butter Biscuit with a fine taste of butter and cocoa.